Why Buy Your Next Used Car from a Dealership?  

There are a couple of places to turn for your next used vehicle. One option is to seek out a private seller, perhaps from a classified ad or online listing. The alternative is to browse the used inventory at a reputable dealership.

Either option can result in a great purchase, but shopping at a dealership is the better approach. There are a few major reasons for that worth checking out.

Why Buy from a Dealership?

1) Dealerships have vast inventory

You may have a specific make and model in mind initially, but being able to compare and contrast different vehicles at a dealership is always a plus, to say nothing of checking out different color options and trims. Shopping at a dealership is really the only way to gain access to a large inventory.

2) You can check a dealership’s reputation

Something else to keep in mind: You won’t have any way to check the integrity or trustworthiness of a private seller in advance. By contrast, you can always size up a dealership’s reputation by checking Google reviews, verifying their BBB accreditation, and so forth.

3) Dealerships offer a number of services and amenities

Sometimes when you’re shopping for a car you may need financing options flexible enough to fit your budget and lifestyle. Or, you may need access to a world-class service center. Private sellers can’t offer these additional services.

4) Shopping at a dealership means CPO options

Dealerships also often provide certified pre-owned vehicles, which are gently used, low-mileage cars that have been thoroughly vetted for quality. These cars often come with extended warranties and additional guarantees.

Find a Used Car Dealership in Los Angeles

The bottom line? When shopping for a used Kia for sale or some other make and model, dealerships offer perks and benefits private sellers can’t compete with. As you seek used cars for sale in the Los Angeles CA area, or in nearby Irvine or Huntington Beach, we invite you to consider Car Pros Kia Huntington Beach. Contact us when you’re ready to head out for a test drive.